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Custom Jewelry

Custom designs are done here at Scott and Sons Fine Jewelry in Fernandina Beach, FL by our in-house jeweler, Alex Henriquez.  Alex has been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years!  He excels in designing sterling silver, gold, and platinum pieces.  He can fulfill nearly all of your jewelry needs.

Though he can repair just about anything, Alex’s true passion is creating high quality custom jewelry pieces. He loves working one on one with the client and truly wants to provide you with a one of a kind piece that you will love to wear.  We pride ourselves in the fact that during the process of working with Alex on a custom piece, you are involved in every step, beginning with the design drawing to the wax mold and finally to the end piece. He excels in translating your jewelry ideas into a heirloom that you will be proud to own.

Alex has created many pieces for our customers: rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and even a barrette. One of his greatest assets is his ability to create a totally new look for a client using their old jewelry. So, check your jewelry box for old pieces you no longer wear and bring them in for Alex to turn into something fabulous. 






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